A reflection of the Taj Mahal

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Watta World!
Mesmerising and mystifying reflections of monuments and ruins on sheets of water that make perfect art sense for your walls.
Hang them in the same orientation as you see them on our website display. (The reflections are on top in all the mirrored reflections). When the sun is up and waters are calm, the world becomes a canvass for ace lensman Aadil Jamal. His affair with India’s monuments and ruins is no secret with the cultural scribes and photography aficionados of Delhi who go back to his exhibitions again and again. Known for his vibrant burnt hues and mystifying reflections on sheets of water, some of Aadil’s iconic signatures and bold experiments are now available with us.
Just take them, hang them, live them and love them.

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  • Size: A3 Size
  • Colour: Multicolour
  • Fabric/Material Composition: Art Paper


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