Our Team

Shweta Tiwary

Shweta Tiwary had a flourishing and award-winning career in advertising as a designer. She was making brands in Delhi and Mumbai when she thought of going back to her roots. Hailing from Gaya, she was aware of the skill the rural women had. She had the vision to harness it and give it national and international exposure. What started as 2 products and 2 women artists has today turned into an army of 40 women and a display of 458 products. This wide range of handcrafted lifestyle products include accessories, home decor items, dupattas, saris, scarves and show pieces. After a keen study of the market, she has them priced very reasonably.

Team Leaders
The artisans working at Chungi are not only talented but are culturally adept in these skills. They take pride in its display. The handcrafted pieces are unique to their centuries old culture and heritage.

Vina Tiwary

She is the boss lady at our Gaya centre. Nothing passes without the approval of her keen eye. Everyone waits for her nod before letting out a hurray.


Right hand to Vina Tiwary, she runs the show at Chungi. From maintaining inventory, to ordering materials to preliminary quality checks, she takes care of it all.


Rinku came to Chungi Store when she was struggling to make ends meet with her husband’s income. She had exceptional crochet skill, which she further refined over the years with Chungi Store. She now has a pakka house, her kids go to school and she is taking good care of her health as well.


Shobha comes with a lot talent. Her craft is clean and refined. Working with Chungi gave her financial independence. Now she does not need to check with anyone before buying makeup and accessories for herself. Seeing her lifestyle change, her sister has joined Chungi too.


Rinki lived in a remote village which had no electricity, no roads and no school. She came to Chungi and shifted to Gaya. She has an exceptional eye for detail and clean handiwork. Now her children go to school and she funds it from her earnings at Chungi.


Ashok Tiwary

Ashok Tiwary is an experienced businessman. With a keen eye on the dynamic market, he has helped us diversify our product offerings. His timely suggestions have given us many a reason to celebrate.

Bushra Jamal

Bushra Jamal is a fashion designer based in Lucknow. Her muse has been chikankari, visible in her line of dupattas and sarees. She has been on panel with Chungi, steering us to all things aesthetic.

Bakhtawar Krishnan

Bakhtawar Krishnan is an accomplished professional in the field of higher education and overseas study. With 30 years of diverse experience behind her, she has been guiding Chungi in strategic thinking and business planning.

Vikrant Yadav

Vikrant Yadav is an advertising professional with more than 15 years of experience. He has won many international awards in advertising, directed few advertising films and has built a diverse set of brands. He has been the beacon for brand communication at Chungi.

Aadil Jamal

Aadil Jamal is a known face in advertising, marketing and branding. He comes well armed with almost 30 years of experience. He has been our go-to person to whet all our marketing and branding plans.