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Revival: Art & Artists

This video is an effort to capture the revival of women artists who have invested great amount of their energy into reviving the lost traditional art (Crochet, Kantha and Madhubani). This journey has empowered them in many ways; these women artists are now financial independent and being recognized for their contribution as artists.

Meet some of our Extremely Talented Artists:

Reviving Rinku:

When Rinku connected with Chungi, she and her husband were struggling to make both ends meet. Her husband has a mobile repairing shop and their house was made of mud (Kaccha House). They have two kids. Every year they faced various problems like leaking roof during monsoons, illness in family and so on. Their meager household income couldn’t suffice all needs.

Rinku knew how to sew and do crochet work, and at Chungi with additional skill building exercises she has been able to refine her art. Now she’s a part of team Chungi, her skill is helping her contribute financially towards the household. By saving the additional income, she has been able to redo her house; now the house is made of concrete (Pucca house). She is now better able to attend the needs of her children like education, health and clothing. She is also taking better care of herself with the income from Chungi.

With her exceptional skill, she’s helping Chungi in reviving the traditional art crochet work. She has created beautiful cushion covers, mats, napkins and many other exquisite products. Today products created by her are adorning many homes across India. Rinku is highly appreciated by the team members and shows great amount of dedication towards the work and has the urge to learn.




Reviving Shobha and traditional art of crochet work:

Shobha is one of the gems of Team Chungi. Naturally gifted artists, she creates most beautiful crochet works. She is able to complete her work with the least amount of supervision. She does the finest crochet work. Her sister is also a part of team Chungi and is contributiing towards revival of crochet work.

Her father runs a TV and fan repair shop and her mother works as a maid in households in the locality. She also helps her mother with her the household chores like cleaning, cooking and washing. The family income was not enough to meet all their needs.

Both Shobha and her sister create beautiful crochet products like mats, cushion covers, crochet patches for sarees and napkins. Shobha loves to dress up, wear make-up and use accessories. Her income from Chungi is invested in fulfilling her needs; she purchases dresses, payal (anklets), bindi and bangles. Reviving the art of crochet is helping her fulfill her needs. Shobha’s talent requires exposure to a larger platform. Though her community is not supportive of her talent yet that isn’t deterring her to get closer to achieving her dreams.




Reviving Rinki’s Life:

Revival of Rinki happened as she joined the team Chungi as one of the women artisans. She contributes towards the amazing collection of products with Crochet work. She is helping Chungi revive the traditional art of crochet work.

Before joining Chungi, Rinku and her husband were settled in a remote village. The village didn’t have any basic facilities. There were no proper roads, no electricity supply, the village also didn’t have a school. Rinku was determined to educate her children. Both she and her husband weren’t educated and had to face many hardships in life due to lack of education.

To achieve her dreams and secure the future of her children, Rinku and her husband shifted to Gaya. Rinku joined Chungi and now contributes towards the household expenses. Now her children are enrolled in a school and she pays the fees for education.