About Us

Chungi is entry point in to a journey that crosses paths through the villages of India bringing artists together. The artists who have not been recognized for their art, Chungi as a platform would give new lease of life to their talent. Chungi envisions reviving the art from across the country that has been lost over the time. The artists who have lost their livelihood to modernized technology, Chungi strives to redeem their faith in their art and help them earn again through their talent.

These artists would get a new address to showcase their art, the online shopping domain of https://www.chungistore.com/. Through https://www.chungistore.com/ their art would be introduced to audience and patrons from across the globe. Their art would attract patrons who in return would introduce Chungistore to others and in this way Chungistore would continue to add people in its journey towards recognition of the artists who have been hidden and whose arts’ lost!

Chungi is not a story; it is the ground reality of millions of artists. Chungi gives wings to their dreams and hope they’ve sheltered inside them for so long…through which they get recognized.

Like all other similar avenues we too plan to sell products that speak volumes about India; and hidden behind the selling and purchasing of products we plan to pave way for as many as unrecognized artists, artists who have the talent however never had a chance to showcase it.

In an initiative to weave together artists from different walks of life, chungistore brings together a never seen before collection that aims to delight our patrons and audience.

We are not only hoping to brighten up homes but also touch lives of many who have not received their due recognition. We offer a wide variety of products and are adding to our collection everyday.

We started with a purpose and a cause in mind. There is a great amount of pleasure in seeing a satisfied patron and there is no happiness bigger than bringing smiles on faces of those who deserve it. Chungistore is an endeavor to bridge the gap and connect the true artists to their ardent admirers.